I'm a professional photographer living in Helsinki, Finland. 

Most of the time I'm working as a unit stills photographer for various tv production companies, making promotional and press photos for many kind of TV shows. It's a hectic world with lots of great people and I really enjoy it!

I'm lucky to have a job which is also a hobby for me. Nature photography, landscapes, sport, travel, music festivals and gigs... There are so many things I want to shoot, that it's better to keep my camera near by all the time.  

But it's not just about taking photos. I mean, I want to make photos, not just take them, and the editing process is big part of it. I love to spend a time in my computer when I'm trying to do a perfect photo. Sometimes it happens fast, sometimes it takes longer, but I'll work until I'm happy with the result. 

For me, photography is kind of a story telling, especially when it comes to the digital art. I'm trying to do photos THAT makes your imagination wild. Every image is a story. 

What else you wanna know about me?

I want a cup of good coffee every day.

and I'm alive and creative. 


E-maiL: Saku.tiainen@gmail.com
GSm: +358 44 5337946 
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